The Benson family are die hard Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football fans who commissioned this unique model of the team's mascot ship located in the stadium.

Attending games and taking lots of pictures enabled us to create this accurate representation of a three masted wooden ship model.

Executed by a Master Builder with precise attention to detail and quality control.

A scratch built galleon ship model made with a solid wood hull which is painted to a high luster.

The mast head was sculpted by hand, painted and secured in place onto the bowsprit.

Under partial sail with the large red pirate flag fully displayed. Other sails are rolled onto the yard arms.

Includes all standing and running rigging lines. Rat lines are waxed and tied all the way across. Bright red crow's nests hold a combination of metal and wood block and tackle.

The deck is hand planked in wood for great depth of realism.

Notice all those details like the wooden grate, water pails, ropes and of course we couldn't forget the rum!

The stern includes custom sculpted ornamentation and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo.

Two bright red flags on brass poles fly from the stern deck.

Outfitted with four hand painted solid metal cannon to complete the pirate theme.

The golden hull accents combined with the red and white detail painting really make this beauty stand out.

Rather than to display the name of the stadium on the top sail as in the stadium, we decided to prominently display the team's achievement of Superbowl Champions. A tribute to a great year of football for the team and their fans!

Enclosed in a custom case made of red oak with shatterproof Optix. Mounted on unique gold stand offs. Includes custom engraved brass nameplate mounted on oak.

All woods are hand sealed and oiled with numerous coats of top quality oil to bring them to a fine luster.

A fine caliber model perfectly suited for any major Buccaneer football fan.

19" long x 7" deep x 18" tall
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