Redwood Waterwheel

 A beautifully unique, fully self contained waterwheel ensemble made of solid redwood. Perfect for most any location.

Water lightly flows through a redwood chute, falls gently into the water wheel buckets and is softly rotated down into a pool of cooling water below. The tranquil fluidity creating a melody of its own as it travels throughout its redwood home.

Utilizing the technologies of the ancient Egyptians, this wheel features a magnificently executed water brake system. It applies an adjustable counter torque thus slowing the wheel to a gentle and relaxing rotational speed.

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The matching slatted shelves create an ideal setting for your favorite flowers and plants with easy drainage into the water reservoir. A great place to showcase a work of art or add a bit of lighting such as a small Twilight Twinkler from our Garden Lighting Gallery which gives you art, lighting and flowers.

Bottom pieces have furniture feet for deck or patio protection and ease of gliding into the perfect location. Minimal water splash will keep water recycling properly without frequent refilling.

Atop are two birdhouses made utilizing the National Audubon Society's recommendations for bird friendly homes. Screening steps inside for the baby birds and perfect size holes so predators cannot enter. One side of the roof lifts off for easy cleaning once the birds have left for the season to ensure a new arrival in the Spring.

A work of art for your garden with your flying friends in mind. Where the music of falling water is taken to a higher art form both visually and acoustically.

A truly elegant joy of both sight and sound.

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 63" tall x 38" wide x 46" deep

Mounted on stainless steel bearings with bronze bushings for long lasting virtually silent rotation. Breaks down into separate elements for easy movement. Water pump included.


in Cedar plus shipping and handling

Redwood available at additional cost.
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