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Beyond Museum Quality.

Internationally recognized, award winning, professionally certified Master Model Builders offering one-of-a-kind custom built models from kit embellished to full scratch builds.

Raven Arts, offering simply the finest in the world since 1989.

Custom designed fine art display cases with many unique options.

Professional model restoration and repair services.

Custom Display Cases

Unique fine art designs from simple to richly sublime.

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Elaborate Designs Marquetry & Inlays

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Model Ship Repair & Restoration

Professional services that maintain the integrity of the original builder and increase antiquity investment value.





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Located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America, west of Seattle Washington.

Custom made in the USA and shipped worldwide.

You name it , we can build or repair it.

Custom models built from two inches to twelve feet long in various levels of detail. Multiple model displays and full dioramas available.

Military Warship display models of all types & sizes from any era.

Early wars, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam Action, Desert Storm and more models from throughout history.

American, European, British, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Roman, Greek, Viking and more models of any vessel from around the world in any time period.

Submarines, Battleships, Destroyer Escorts, Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers, Attack Transport, Repair Ships, Hospital Ships, Heavy and Light Cruisers, Support Ships and more.

  Models available of Tall Ships, Tugboats, Clippers, Frigates, Schooners, Man O War, Sloops, Sailing, Pond Yachts, Galleons, Steam Engines, Radio Controlled, Paddle Wheelers, Cruise Ships, Chinese Junk, Airplanes, Helicopter Models, Experimental Vessels and just about any other model including a model of YOUR personal boat, ship or aircraft.

Custom Copper Garden Sculpture

Home & Garden Fine Art from Coppersmith and Woodworking Experts

Outdoor Sculpture

Flower Sculpture

Copper Water Fountains

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Water Wheels


Outdoor Garden, Indoor and Accent Lighting

Whirligig Garden Art Moving Kinetic Wind Toys

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Each piece is an individual work of art.

A one-of-a-kind mesmerizing beauty.

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All art is individually custom made in the USA by professional Internationally recognized Artists.